S. Heiner fine art photography
                      Untitled. 2005.
             Inkjet print, approx. 8"x10".
     A few years ago at an art fair, a man pointed to this photo and asked me to tell him about it. "It's a photograph of two beings looking out into the void," I began as I always do when asked about this shot, "a world empty of any rational, bottom-line meaning. We call out for answers, Camus says, but the universe remains silent. Confronted with this emptiness, they hold on to each other, much in the way, it can be argued, we all do. Yet, between the two animals is a divide, a reminder that in the end, perhaps, they and we are fundamentally alone."
     "Well, I don't know about any of that," he said, "but I can understand why you feel alone."