S. Heiner fine art photography
"Godot, Flies, You Name It". 2014.
        Inkjet print, approx. 10"x14".

     When I'm at a public garden, I most commonly hear this from passersby: "I saw you standing at that exact same spot two hours ago. You must have a lot of patience." I don't; and sometimes in response I point out what soon might be going on in front of the camera: the dragonfly over there that might take off at any second and land on that nearby stem that looks like a figure eight; the damselflies which might mate and curl into a heart over where the water is particularly reflective; the sulfur butterfly, which might, as it has for the past few days, emerge from those bushes and alight on a yellow waterlily; the turtle (with a scar that looks like lips on its face) which might show up again and finally turn its head directly toward me; and the totally unexpected, which might appear in front of this very spot, where I must constantly survey the area, check the light and adjust the camera settings so as to be at the ready when any of that happens. Patience has little to do with my standing there for hours.
     So much of photography --as with life in general-- is waiting for something to happen; and one of the tricks is finding a good spot that doesn't require your having a lot of patience.